New Track 2

Grab your board, skate to edge and DROP! The new track from the Lithium boys Acid Drop, shows the diversity of these guys with a swerve away from their usually chilled beatz and lush jazzy pads. Acid Drop ROCKS with a kinda funky 70s TV theme vibe.

Check out the taster on the downloads page!!

New Trak 1

Lithium go spooky Hip Hop for their latest track espíritu urbano (Urban Spirit).

Down the subway, lights flicker, a sudden streak of neon blue negative-exposed faces, as rails arc urban lightning. Out of the tunnel, walls scarred with tags from a thousand city-souls, but only the damp is here, no sign of hooded warriors, they slip through cracks unnoticed, cloaked invisible, melt into the city ether and become one of you, leaving behind their hidden spirit like primordial soup, foaming with ghosts that haunt the lonely wasteland, the cold wise concrete and deserted steel. It lives outside people, it goes on continuum The Urban Spirit.

Haunting flute and electronics, reinforced with a kit made up by hitting and kicking various objects around the studio, including a bag full of audio tapes and a plastic pot full of Stanley knife blades.

Video to come soon....

Check out a taster on the downloads page.

Visuals Competition??

If you are still interested in doing any visuals for us, just hit the contact button and let us know, were always lookin..

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